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Does your business require expensive equipment and machinery to operate? Purchasing new equipment can put a strain on your working capital, which can make it hard for you to take on new opportunities or even just to keep up with monthly expenses. Equipment leasing with can help you get the equipment you need and keep money in your pocket.


Canadian-based equipment leasing and financing




Fast and Easy 

We are quicker and easier than the banks. Get approved the same day and get the equipment you need to grow your business.


Get More For Less

Low monthly payments are much easier than an upfront purchase. Conserve your bank lines for more important unforeseen expenses.


Tax Benefits

Expense your monthly lease payments rather than depreciating the capital cost of the equipment over several years. Pay less taxable income while getting the equipment you need today. Ask us about our tax savings lease structures and consult your tax advisor.


Applying is as easy as 1-2-3


1. Complete our easy Apply Now application form.


2.We will process your application and get back to you quickly.

3.Upon approval, we will email you your lease 

documents for signature. Sign and return and in turn the vendor will be notified to release and install your new or used equipment.

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